Handwash Sinks

portable hand washing station rentals are designed to be easily transported and set up

No matter where you are, personal hygiene is at its best when you can access amenities to wash your hands. That's why our portable sinks are so popular, especially when they're installed at playgrounds, food courts, construction sites, and sporting events. Our portable sinks provide a effective and convenient way to promote hygiene, and with easy-to-use features like foot pumps, they're the best way to mitigate the risk of spreading germs. No matter where you're located, the portable design of our hand washing stations makes them flexible enough to be installed where they're needed most.

Our portable sinks have two tanks that hold fresh and contaminated water separately, ensuring a continuous water supply without making a mess. Stocked with paper towels and soap dispensers, our stations hold adequate water for about 200 handwashings. As part of our commitment to dependability and cleanliness, we maintain your units so they are always ready for use when your employees, guests, and customers need them. Complete your portable sanitation setup with our affordable handwashing stations, and let us help you promote a cleaner, more hygienic environment. Contact us today to learn more about rental options for portable sinks at your next event or construction site.